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Hard Retro Gameplay rookgaardtales.ddns.net
Uptime: 99.85%
Port: 7171
Players: 10 / 500
Launch    using Tibia Loader

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Last Update: January 21, 2022, 8:58 pm

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Players: 1 / 2000
Points: 145
Monsters: 11573
NPCs: 86
Uptime: 98.97%
Peak Record: 64 players online on April 20, 2020, 5:37 am CET

In the last 30 days:
5 players online on January 10, 2022, 2:42 am CET

Server: Kingdom Age Online 1.2
Added: February 12, 2019, 1:35 am CET
Updated: 8 min. ago

Server description

[Kingdom Age Online]

Website: http://www.kingdomageonline.com
Forum: http://kingdomageonline.com/forum
Wiki: http://kingdomageonline.com/wika

Facebook: http://facebook.com/kingdomageonline
YouTube: https://gaming.youtube.com/kingdomageonline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaonline
Discord: http://discord.gg/vZjxdwp
Trello: https://trello.com/b/fXu0y6zh/kingdom-age


Since march of 2007, the Kingdom Age Online © has been conquering players enjoying the numerous and amazing game features (more informations on our Wikipedia).

Acting as knights, paladins, archers, assassins, wizards or bards, players are faced with the challenge of developing the skills of their selected characters, exploring a large variety of areas and dangerous dungeons and interacting with other players on a social and diplomatic level. Besides the sophisticated chat tools it is especially the unique freedom players enjoy in Kingdom Age Online that create an enormously immersive gaming experience.

Kingdom Age Online can be played free of charge as a matter of principle. However, your account can be upgraded anytime to a premium account (see Premium Features).

Play now for free!
Access now: www.kingdomageonline.com


»» Hosted 24/7 in Canada
»» Type: No-PvP + PvP + Pvp-Enforced at the same type
»» Rate: 20x (you can increase it in party until 6 members)

Kingdom Age Online has tons of new features that are meant to make the game more fun and interesting.
See our features below.

»» Custom client

»» 6 new vocations
Knight (full attack)
Paladin (tanker)
Archer (distance attacker)
Assassin (fast attack, 2 daggers at same time)
Wizard (magical attack)
Bard (buffer / magical attack)

»» Race/Mask system
Change your race with masks!
All masks has a special purpose.
And each race has its own city, bed, corpse, the game music are based on your race, and so on.

»» Attributes system (no skills)
Choose your attributes in a unlimited way!
You can choose between 9 attributes: Attack, Defense, Will Power (magical defense), Health, Mana, Agility (attack speed), Dodge, Walking and Luck (critical hit).
You receive points each level automatically distributed, some points to distribute, and also you can boost depending of the power (spell) you use.
Reset are available for free players inside game with Npc Ottokar.

»» More than 50 custom powers (spells) with boost
Here, we call powers instead spells because we added the boost feature.
You can simply press it to cast your power (spell) or boost it by holding for some time.
Boost 1 = 0~1 second
Boost 2 = 1~2 seconds
Boost 3 = 2+ seconds

»» Quests in instances
You don't have to wait others finish the quest if they were doing it first.
An instance is created only for you or your team.

»» Custom PvP system
Here is PvP, PvP-Enforced and No-PvP at the same game.
You can kill PK players and receive experience (PvP-Enforced), but you also are able to enable your Secure button if you are not marked with a skull (No-PvP).
If you are the one who started to PKlize and killed someone that is not marked with a skull, you will not receive experience (PvP only, not enforced).

»» Wanted System
Have you ever want to kill someone, but you just don't have enough level to do it?
Here you can pay to kill someone!
Simply write his name (and pay for it) on the blackboard inside the depot.

»» VIP items
All VIP items can be selled to free players.

»» Boss System

»» Play in Rookie Island with a vocation

»» Train, Ore Card, Emoticons

»» Shader Filters (game graphics)
»» 4 View Modes
»» Game Screen Size
»» Client Sticker
»» Hotkeys fáceis de utilizar, com barras de hotkeys

»» Monsters with suggested level to kill

»» Bank system
Tired of going to bank?
If you are Premium Account or are at the Protection Level, you can enable your NPCs payments to get the money from your Bank account instead of your hands.
You can also disable it anytime you want.

»» Standby Feed Auto Regeneration
If you are not infight and has 'Feed Time' still remaining, your health/mana will heal more faster (50 points) each 5 seconds.

»» Lure monsters to kill someone
Here has no limit on monsters spawn.
It means the monster will not disappear if you bring it to far away.
Also, you are able to pull any monster with a rope and push down with some powers (spells), like with 'Guardian' of Paladin vocation.

Join us today!

* The server is new, so if you want to suggest modifications or want to report a bug, simply press [Ctrl+,] (comma) inside the game, access our Forum or Discord.

Your Game Staff.